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"I....I didnt didn't realise, i guess she would be worried...." pietro lokked at the couple "yeah well... whatever bro just don't be pushing my girl like that" peter stared coldly at the Sokovian " I'm sorry, did... did i hurt you?" She shook her head "why don't you go let your sister know you're ok" peter looked at beth and she smiled at him with her slightly off teeth.

"URGH PIETRO YOU DID WHAT!?" Wanda shouted, her hands balled up in to fists "ugh not so loud my head is pounding" pietro held his head in to his hand, wanda dropped down to look her brother in the eyes "Pietro. You..... you are my brother, i love you but sometimes..... you can be stupid, if you want her.... break them up" with that wanda stood up and walked out of the room.

~~~~~~~~~time skip~~~~~~~~~~

"Oh shit!" Peter cried out avoiding the lump of building that was hurtling towards them "what did you do to make it so angry?" Beth cried out her body armour torn "Nothing" one of the other mutants  shouts over the roar of the battle. Pietro was on the other side of the city now battle zone "please be ok, please be ok...." pietro just wanted to run over and check that she was ok. "Argh" Beth cried out after being hit by shrapnel, noone was around to helper peter was  injured and had to forcefully be taken away from her side and the others were all off fighting "Beth!?" Aloud voice rose over the sound of the fight "Beth!" It... it was Pietro! "I'm here" he moved as fast as he could dropping to her side "where is peter?" "He got hurt" " are hurt!" He grabbed her bridal style and ran for cover "it....its alright" pietro held her shoulders and looked her in the eye, before she could blink his lips where crashed in to hers. His hands ran up her sides until he accidentally caught her wound "ahh" she cried out and dropped to her knees he dropped down next to her "i..I'm  sorry i shouldn't have" "Damn straight!" Peters voice came from behind them "Babe!" Beth cried out throwing her arms around him but peter stepped away "i just saw you and now.... now you want to act like the good girlfriend!?" Peter was furious he stood clenched fisted looked at his girlfriend, "peter... i didn't. ..." pietro stepped in "I kissed her she.... she tried to stop me" both peter and Beth looked at him, and then Beth dropped to the floor "Beth?!" Both males shouted rushing to her side.
'Cool Cool Thor, you just scared me with that hammer of yours' Franki said as she walked back to the kitchen to get a cloth. 'C'mon, you found it funny too!' Thor said playfully. 'Yeah well, not when I'm this stressed out over my uni assignments, tired from a long day at work and coming home to see Loki placing another one of his stupid illusions around the God damn room!' Franki snaps, cleaning away the broken glass of the drink she dropped. Thor summoned Mjolnir back into his hand and placed it on the coffee table. 'Look, I'm sorry, we both are aren't we brother?' Loki just looked up. 'Whatever he said'.
Franki sighed. 'I'm going to bed. You both have a lot of making up to do.'.

'Thor, the God of Thunder, who cannot handle his girlfriends temper' Loki smirked as he carried his sceptor to the window sill. 'You have great taste in women, but not a great taste in humour'. 'Hush brother, you're lucky she said yes to allowing you to stay here.'Thor snarled back. He looked at Franki's bedroom, seeing a light was on menaing she was still awake. 'She was't always like this. She was always happy, loved going out for the whole night, listening to stories from my battles in Asgard.' Thor sighed. 'I'll spend the night on the sofa, she seemed pretty mad'.

Loki smirked again. 'Brother, she needs you to comfort her. I thought that was obvious. Oh wait, you can't read minds like I can'. Thor almost threw Mjolnir at Loki as he went to gather spare pillows and a blanket. 'Fine. You talk to her then as you seem to know her better than me' he says as he settles down for the night.

As Franki finished up her assignment and started to read it through, there is a knock at the door. 'Thor, not now please, I need to get this done'. 'Its me actually' came Loki's voice. 'Oh, what do you want?' Franki calls back. 'Let me in' Loki said, his voice softer than usual. Franki sighs, and gives her permission. 'What do you want?' Franki says wearily, her eyes heavy and her voice almost monotone. Loki just looked at her, his eyes reading and taking in every detail of her soft, innocent and soothing face. Her eyes, tired, but yet still had some sparkle in them. Her dark hair sitting on her shoulders and her lips parted slightly. He had never properly seen her in the light. 'Um... Look, I'm sorry for the tricks I plaed tonight, Thors spending the night on the sofa and I'm making sure that...' his voice trailed off. What am I doing? he thought. Why have I gone soft over some stupid girl?

Franki just rolled her eyes. 'I accept your apology, but he doesn't have too. Hes still my boyfriend. I'm not gonna be mad at him forever, doesn't he get thst?' She left the room to get Thor. Loki just stood there on the spot, realizing he wanted more than friendship from Franki.
"is any one even in?" Pietro thought to himself as he knocked on peters door, the door creaked open. Wasn't the door  usually double bolted? Pietro walked in sapphire eyes scanning the area "anyone in?" He called out a sudden rustling caught his attention, was it coming from the basement? He slowly crept forward. Being this slow was starting to frustrate him. "uhg peter!" Was that Beth? What was going on.... He slowly approached the stairs... There atop peter was a dishevelled Beth hair wild over her face, peter panting under her. Beth felt strange like.... Like someone was staring at her she looked around "what's wrong?" Peter placed his hands on her hips and looked up at her "I don't know..." Pietro was already back out of the house, he felt sick worse then he had before.... Ever! Seeing her with him it hurt his heart felt almost shattered each piece was a splinter in his ribcage scratching his chest.

Peter and Beth were walking hand in hand when they bumped in to Wanda "Ah so there you are?" She crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow "uh hi... Wanda... What's up?" "Pietro" she stated flatly peter raised his eyebrow back at her"that isn't our problem" he stated turning around taking Beth with him "I CAN'T FIND HIM!" Wanda shouted over to them, they both stopped "please...." She sounded defeated as she dropped to her knees her hands over her face "uhh Wanda..." Beth was stood in front of her looking down, peter stayed a ways back looking on "I...I'm sure we can find him...he can't have gone far" Wanda looked up and smiled, Beth extended a small pale hand "now where was he last?"

Pietro sat at the bar,drink in hand attempting to drink away the images that seemed so fresh in his mind "Hey thee handsome, you here all alone?" A tall thin red headed woman aproached from the other side of the bar "leave me alone" his accent was even thicker then normal. Now pietro was not in the habit of being rude to women but now.... now he just wanted to be alone."ah don't be that way" she fained hurt and placed a hand on to his toned shoulder he shook hisnshoulder free and turned back to his drink "whats up hun?" "Huh why would you care?" He sounded agitated "i don’t like to see a good looking guy blue, why don't you come home with me?" Her dark eyes glittered with mischief.

"Uegh where could he be?" Beth sighed exhausted. They had been walking since the previous evening and most of the silver glitter had worn of her shoes "who knows, could be anywhere..." peter trailed off up ahead a door had opened out stepped a familiar shape... albeit dishevelled  "pietro!" Beth ran straight over to the sokovian "B...Beth! What are you doing here?!" He pushed her off of him, she stumbled but was quickly caught by peter "careful man!" Peter steadied his girlfriend then looked at the man in front of him "wanda was worried about you, she asked us to help find you"
"Peter!.... pietro!...stop!" The young womans voice was strained, for the past half an hour "he started it!" Peter yelled baring his teeth at the sokovian before him "no, the American, he started it!" The had been arguing over who was the better Quicksilver and therefore the better potential boyfriend. "Both of you are being so...imature and pietro you KNOW im with peter" the silver haired boy smirked "told you bro... she loves me".

"Ey Beth are free i need speak with you" his accent was thick "uh sure pietro, whats wrong is wanda ok?" He shook his head "no is just... why him... he is soooo" he struggled to find the word "Arrogant and so full of himself... him and his little games" "pie...he... well he makes me laugh and.... he is smart and.... tender with me...." pietro snorted "you mean in bed" the girl blushed "no i meant in general" at that moment a rush of hair blew past them "hey" peter was stood with his arm around his girlfriends shoulder "hey peter" she looked up to him and placed her lips to his pietro growled "ugh.... you make me sick!" And with that he was gone leaving only a blue blur  in his wake.

Peter and Beth lay sprawled on the basement floor,Beths head was placed on his chest and her hands intertwined with his "babe whats wrong?" Peter leaned his head down to hers and kissed it "I'm..... just worried about pietro" her blue eyes flashed up to meet his dark eyes and his brows furrowed, a silver hair fell in his face.  Peter sat up and looked at her "why... all you seem to talk about is pietro" he looked away from her "peter.... he is my friend" peter snorted "friend? Yousure about that?" He kept his eyes averted "peter!... you KNOW i love you" she placed a hand to his face, it was warm and soft. She brushed her finger tips through his side burns "i know.... i just.... he winds me up" he sighed placing a hand over hers and placong it on his chest. "Peter...i...." she leaned in and kissed him lingering teasingly in front of him "i want you to....." she trailed of brushing a hand against  his thigh "uhhhhgh" peter moaned out he traced a hand over her chest.

Pietro had been moping all day "ugh pietro your thoughts are so loud" wanda rubbed her temples "why can't she see... i am the  best option.... i..." "yes you love her" wanda scoffed "you should just go apologise" she looked at her brother "but where would she be?"he sighed kicking his feet "ugh with her boyfriend, da?" She smacked him up the back of the head. Pietro raced to peter's house.
So here is the first Q and A
So here is the first Q and A


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Well what you need to know is that I am either psycho or concience learn this and steer clear of putting me in a foul mood because yes I will kill you Need to know anything else head to the gallery to find out my origin much love from psycho and concience!!!! <3

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